Situational Awareness Training

There’s a scene in The Bourne Identity where the main character, Jason Bourne, is sitting at a stereotypical diner with the female central character, Marie. He doesn’t know how he instinctively knows the license plate numbers of every car in the parking lot. He goes on to identify physical characteristics of several people in the restaurant, all while his back is turned. You, like Marie, are amazed as you watch the scene. It draws you in.

It is an example of extreme situational awareness. Situational awareness is not just for operatives. Situational awareness will keep you safe in combat, on the street, and in business. So how do you train for situational awareness?

The best way to learn situational awareness is to go into combat. You either learn or you die. Another alternative is to walk through a bad neighborhood at two o’clock in the morning on a Friday night (or whatever time your local bars close).  You either get situational awareness or you get mugged. Not viable options? Ok. Start a business. Either you have situational awareness or you go out of business.

In the martial art Ninpo, the 5thDan test requires that you don’t get whacked by a sword while facing away from your opponent. I personally can feel the presence of Police Officers on the highway. That is, if he or she is actively looking for someone to pull over. You are capable of doing the same.

Your mission, should you except it (oops wrong movie), will be to return to the WarriorTaiChi Facebook page every Thursday. Every Thursday you will get a new training mission and evaluation of the previous week’s mission.

Your mission tomorrow is to count how many people you see wearing glasses. I know you’re a “Newbie” and will probably mess this up. Give it your best shot, and good luck accomplishing this situational awareness mission.

2 thoughts on “Situational Awareness Training”

  1. Get someone to follow you 24 hours a day and at anytime jump out and try to whack you with a bamboo pole. Couple days you’ll be an expert in situational awareness.

    1. When I was going thru training at Ona Point, in Okinawa Japan for Third Recon my Platoon Sergeant did that. He wacked us day and night for three months. I learned a lot of lesson from SSgt.Johnson that saved my life during my twenty years in the Marine Corps.

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