Situational Awareness – Week 2

Staff Sergeant (SSgt) Johnson beat me with a bamboo stick (Shinai) day and night for three months. I am so glad he did. SSgt Johnson was my Platoon Sergeant while I went through 3rdRecon’s Indoctrination at Ona Point in Okinawa. At night we would sleep on roofs, under vehicles, or in sugar cane fields, and put out sentries. SSgt Johnson would bind and gag our sentries and we would get beaten.

I was reminded of this last week when Randall had this to say in the comments section: Get someone to follow you 24 hours a day and at any time jump out and try to whack you with a bamboo pole. Couple days you’ll be an expert in situational awareness.”

I doubt they even do this sort of thing in the Marine Corps anymore. 

So how did you do with last week’s assignment? Did you notice how many people on whatever screen (TV, Computer, iPad) you looked at were wearing glasses? When you were on the road, how many people in passing cars were wearing glasses? Be honest. You probably missed those people.

Ok, no tricks this time, here is an easier one: Every time you go in or out of a structure, how many people are there? As you leave work, how many people are already in the parking lot? As you enter a store, how many people do you see?

Just notice who notices you. Did they notice you immediately? Did they notice you after you stared at them? Did they continue to do what they were doing not matter how long you stared.

Each person’s reaction tells you something important. I’ll explain next week.

Don’t worry newbie, the assignments will get more street and combat survival oriented. I’ll even pass on gems SSgt Johnson gave me that got me through several combat tours.

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