Imagine going to a class where you are greeted with smiles, hand-shakes, and even hugs if you are comfortable with that (Vice President Biden is not one of our students, yet!). You will learn how to enhance your life on every level possible.

You will have new tools to enhance your life. Every class begins with easy exercises and Qigong to relieve you of physical and mental stress. You will learn moving meditation (forms) along with standing, sitting, and prone meditations. Applications of the form for self-defense are taught. We even have a Qigong program to heal yourself and others physically. We do Push Hands in a non-competitive way. We do Push Hands to test structure, balance, and mental/physical relaxation. Push Hands is one way to ensure what you learn in class can be used out in the wild.

Most Tai Chi and Qigong classes are structured in such a way they only make you feel good while you are in class. The classes are taught at a superficial level. Recently I had a student ask, “Do you want us all to become teachers?” I said, “No, but I want you to have that depth of understanding of a teacher. When you have that depth of understanding, self-cultivation is possible.”

Self-cultivation allows your study of Tai Chi as a life-long pursuit (even if you don’t attend a class). Don’t all Tai Chi classes teach all of these things, in this manner? My Orthopedic Doctor, Dr. Zang, had been studying Tai Chi locally at a local university for 30-years and did not even know what Push Hands is. When students become aware of what they have been missing, some Tai Chi school offer additional classes at additional cost. Additional classes you may have to pay for are; Applications (self-defense), Push Hands, Weapons, and Qigong.

You may find that you want more training in any of these areas. We will make that available, but not by charging you more. We offer one hour ($100.00 value) of free private training per month. You decide what you need, to help you achieve your goals in this one-on-one class.

Contact us to try out a free class or private lesson.