SELF DEFENSE – Awareness

April 26, 2021


Usually situational-awareness is what people talk about. In the Marine Corps we always said “Keep your head on a swivel. Walk were the locals walk. When the locals duck for cover, you duck for cover.” So how this apply to you? Here are some easy basic ideas. Keep your cell phone in your pocket and take ear buds out! What’s your situation? Time of day? Lots of people around? Are there people ahead and/or behind you? Is there a wide unobstructed pathway? Lots of traffic? Are there more or less people around than usual? Does everyone seem friendly? Is anyone paying attention to you? Got it!


The next is self-awareness. I’m not talking about the warm and cuddly, new-age stuff. I’m talking about fight or flight at best. At worst I’m talking about freezing. Even Marines freeze. The attrition rate for first contact is ten percent. Let me translate that for you. Ten percent of all Marines are killed the first time they go into battle because they freeze. Ya, they have self defense weapons (M-16 Rifles), self defense classes (Boot Camp) and self defense gadgets (helmets and body armor). So how hard and consistently have you trained? Train your mental and physical toughness. Consistently train with your self defense gadget (gun, taser, maze). Got it!


Now we come to social-awareness. Are you a predators flavor of the moment. Victims come in many flavors, young, old, Black, White, Brown, Asian, Native American. You can be attacked for your religion, sex or sexual orientation. None of these things should matter -grow up- they do. That’s how things are. So, get real, get wise and get ready. You may be the ‘Goose’ in the game of ‘Duck/Duck/Goose’ (look it up Millennial).

So now you’re aware. Your spider senses are tingling. Trust your gut. Or if you what to test your gut, change the angle you can be approached from, change your pace, change your direction. This is to disrupt and/or expose a predators plan.

For now think about awareness as it relates to self defense. In future articles I will discuss self defense weapons, self defense classes, self defense techniques and self defense gadgets. Got it! Come on work with me, say it out loud! GOT IT!!!

Sifu Ty Talbert

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