Tai Chi Schedule


Pure unmodified Clear Tai Chi Chuan.

Clear Tai Chi is its own style. You could call it a modified Yang style that is heavily influenced by the Wu style with some aspects of Chen and other styles.

Our movements are usually practiced the way you see them in Yang style. However, our primary push-hands method comes directly from Ma Yueh Liang (a Wu Style Master.) When we learn combat applications, we learn how to apply many different variations of each movement. This often includes Wu Style and sometimes Chen Style apps.

The primary focus of Clear Tai Chi is on developing a high degree of internal skill (Internal Kung Fu) through the study and practice of the Tai Chi principles that you see across all quality Tai Chi styles.

Clear Tai Chi can be found in 20 states and six countries. The following are websites where other practitioners can be found. Florida, Michigan, New Jersey, North Carolina, Maine, Tennessee, Texas and Costa Rica. To find instructors without websites, go here.



Saturday 10 AM

Experience the Meditation, Qigong, and Tui Na  of Great Grand Master Anthony.   This is followed by the Tai Chi Flow. The session uses Tai Chi movement. Like traditional Tai Chi, we will be working to rehabilitate the mind, body, and spirit. There is nothing to learn. Follow along while listening to music, and you will be closer to a better version of yourself that you are seeking.  This is an opportunity to alleviate stress, anxiety, depression, and PTSD. 

What is The Tai Chi Flow Experience?

Tai Chi Flow is the most unique movement experience to come along in decades.

Imagine riding along the wave of your inner power. Surf your own life energy – Qi.  Tai Chi Flow combines the best elements of fitness, meditation, and the ancient martial art of Tai Chi. When you have a Tai Chi Flow experience, you move your body with the grace and confidence of ancient Tai Chi Masters.

Masters who knew the secret of balancing yin and yang. The Yin and Yang of strength with beauty, power with peace, endurance with flow. There is no routine, choreography, or form to memorize or “get right.”

The Tai Chi instructor  (conductor) leads you into FLOW using a method developed by International Master David-Dorian Ross. There is no need to attend every class and practice at home just to “keep up.” Come for a great experience. Come as often as your schedule allows, and never get behind.


Ying and Yang symbol with dots replaced with Tai Chi Player and silhouette of Military Member saluting
Tai Chi for Veterans