Sifu Ty Talbert

Sifu Talbert, has studied Martial Arts for forty-eight years. He has black belts in Tang Soo Do, and Ninjutsu. He spent twenty years on active duty in the Marine Corps to include six combat tours. He was a close combat instructor as a secondary duty. He began his study of Tai Chi to cope with PTSD issues. Post Traumatic Stress led to his becoming a certified “Peer to Peer Counselor” and establishing ‘Warrior Tai Chi’ a 501c (3) non-profit.

Ty Talbert receiving his certificate as one of the 38 official students of Grand Master Ho.

Sifu Ty Talbert is the 37th official student of Great Grand Master Anthony Ho. In his Sixty years of teaching Sifu Ho has certified thirty-eight students. Sifu Talbert has been encouraged to teach by Master Ho.


Sigund Richard Clear presenting San Antonio Tai Chi Instructor Ty Talbert a teaching certificate.

Sifu Talbert took a rigorous twelve hour test to pass the teacher certification test under Master Richard Clear. He is Master Clears Regional Organizer for Texas.

Sifu Paul O.- Studied Tai Chi for 40 years

Sifu Paul taught Tai Chi Tennessee, Florida and Riverside California. “Sifu Ty is better at teaching the internal aspects of Tai Chi than anyone I have known. I have sent my own students to study with him to broaden their understanding of Tai Chi.”

Sifu Richard N.- Has studied Tai Chi for 15 years

Lt./Dr N. teaches Tai Chi aboard the Aircraft Carrier Theodore Roosevelt. “I recommend studying Tai Chi with Sifu Ty it will improve your overall health and improve your relationship with your loved ones.”

Sifu Miyuki I. – Miyuki has studied Tai Chi for 15 years

She is a physical therapist and teaches Tai Chi at St. Josephs in Loma Linda. “I study with Sifu Ty because he provides me with training I can not find anywhere else.”